PMS 5.6

-Implementation and preparation of new PMS 5.6 installation -Implementing all cloud and onsite setups for lunching the installation of PMS softwareby HRS
Primary success in implementation of PMS 5.6. AC-HOTELS - Marriott hotel in Bratislava as a first 5.6 PMS implemenation, finally installation closed and delivered
3Implementation of PMS 5.6 and 5.4
-Setup and configure local IT structure -connecting necessary MARSHA/CONCERTO VPN routers -communication with delivery companies
4PMS 5.6 CLOUD deployment / ONSITE
-PMS 5.6 was successfully deployed in CLOUD, connecting with the HOTEL infrastructure
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Key Benefits Oracle Hospitality OPERA

Accurate Guest Information Tailored user interface to match your operations; demographic, geographic and account history data for all profiles; Slice and dice the data to meet your needs.
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Accurate Guest Information

Agent friendly, feature rich Front Desk Dashboard; one button check-in; “click-n-drag” billing screens; Messages and Locations options; 24/7 Guest Service with a “no-down-time” Night Audit.
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For the overall efficiency of your hotel operation. Reduced check-in time, real-time room status, your maintenance department well organized and efficient.
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Selling Made Easy

Single Screen Availability – sell the right to rate to the right guest; Guest Preferences for reservation comments; dynamic rates; upsell features including packages on-the-fly.
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Industry standard reports incorporating history and forecasts; empower your users with effortless Report Writer; more reporting power with data extractions and mailings tools.
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Third party integration

More than 2500 external vendors have an officially certificated interface with Oracle Hospitality OPERA (Revenue Management, Housekeeping, KeyCard, Payment Gateway, Booking engine and more).
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Reduce the cost of hardware by having more than one hotel on one database; share or not share – decide what data to share with you sister hotels; roll-up reports for overall productivity.
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International Options

Multi-language principle and multi-currency accounting concept.
  • 1. monthPreparation

    -Preparing the local infrastructure -Preparing ISP infrastructure -Preparing the CLOUD solution -Deployment Rack structure and wirings structure
  • . monthImplementation

    -Creating CLOUD surroundings -Creating ONSITE surroundings -Creating VOLUMES for backup procedures

    -setup VPN routers -integration of routes policies -testing and final deplyment
  • 4. monthPRODUCTION phase

    -BACKUP solution ONSETE, CLOUD -testing, adjusting OXY for analyses -remaining maintanancing the solution upon the service contract

PMS 5.6 implementation

AC Bratislava MARRIOTT, 2021 Implementation -MARSHA integration -PMS cloud solution (OPERA 5.6) -Materal Controls in CLOUD deployment -Simphony , cloud base solution

PMS 5.4 implementation

HOLIDAY INN Zilina and Trnava, 2019-2020 Implementation -CONCERTO integration -PMS onsite solution (OPERA 5.4) -Materal Controls onsite deployment -Micros, onsite base solution
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